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Help Custom Surfboard Builder

Custom Surfboards

Customized by you, designed and crafted by Johnny Cabianca

Add a personal touch, create a one of a kind board and tweak one of our standard templates to exactly match your needs. Our new custom board builder gives you a blank canvas to build from – want to add some volume, tweak the tail, add carbon or select how many fins you want? Come on in and see what it's all about, and make your dream board come to life.


We have an extensive range of boards and a model for every surfer. Choose from one of our standard models – this template will be the starting point for your custom board (rocker, rails, tail, nose, overall outline, bottom/deck contours)


This is what your board will be constructed from.  - PU / Polyester: The most common type of technology. Polyurethane (PU) foam blank, timber stringer and Polyester resin.  - EPS / Epoxy: Polystyrene (EPS) foam, with or without timber stringer and Epoxy resin.


Select your desired length, then customize the width and thickness below We recommend not going more than 3/4 of an inch wider or narrower then stock dimensions We recommend not going more then 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch thicker or thinner than stock dimensions Please note: these are only general guidelines. If you have questions please ask. We are here to help you create the best custom board for you. You'll also notice the volume will not be shown once the width or thickness is altered from the stock measurements. We will let you know the volume when confirming your order. 


In the selection only the tail options that work well with the model you chose will show. Feel free to choose the tail type you like or ask us for a recommendation. 


Stick with your current fin system to use your existing fins, or try something new – your call. Select FCS or Futures, the number of fins – Twin/Thruster (3 fin boxes)/Five Fin (allows you to switch between a thruster or a quad) and the details: FCS II (new keyless system) or FCS Fusion (works with old fins system) and box color 


The recommended glassing option will automatically be selected when you choose the base model. Feel free to change. Definition of glassing options (fiberglass on deck / bottom)
Pro Light: 4 oz deck / 4 oz bottom 
Light: 4 + 3/4 oz deck / 4 oz bottom
Standard: 4 + 4 oz deck / 4 oz bottom (recommended for most models)
Standard plus on top: 4 + 6 oz deck / 4 oz bottom
Standard plus on bottom: 4 + 4 oz deck / 6 oz bottom
Strong: 6 + 6 oz deck / 6 oz bottom
Super strong: 6 + 6 oz deck / 6 + 6 oz bottom


Carbon patches help to reinforce the rail around the tail. The tail area is the first place to give out on your surfboard. This is due to the fact that your toes and heels really dig in when surfing. Choose from "Medium Stripe" or "Diagonal Grid" carbon patches – the strength is the same. 


Standard options coming soon - for now please contact us with your custom design ideas! We can make almost any idea a reality. 


Let us know any quote/name you want to have written on the stringer and/or add in additional comments if you want to have something written on the foam near the dimensions. What we write down will stay there forever. 

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